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Dear Students, with immense pleasure, I would like to say that our institute has designed to bring out talents from the students and inculcate competitive spirit and confidence to face the competition of today. I appreciate you all looking up the challenges of IIT-JEE, Pre- Medical or NEET Exams. The only thing impossible in this world is Im possible. In our group we begins as you we combination. you take the challenge and we take the responsibility. You have the aspiration and we make you achieve. In Kota Study Circle you find the right pemistry of teacher students, study material and the right environment. I wish, you all will be good founder of age Nation.   Dr. Agarwal is Director of Kota Study Circle he has right to open K.S.C. Centers, appointment of faculties and all instructions for K.S.C. growth. Dr. Agarwal is hard worker sincere and intelligent. He knows that how much required "behind the success Dr. Agarwal knows that all of the work is worth it when students are-wiling to jump into learning with K.S.C. We wish him for his great success.